Get the emails of your anonymous visitors

Own your data and re-engage your shoppers…without requiring a form-fill.

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Why Lead Maven IdentiMatrix?

Reach your
hidden buyers

Start a sales conversation with your visitors even if they don’t fill out your form. 

Maximize your conversions

Retargeting by email is 10x more effective than retargeting with ads.

Multiply your email list growth

Automatically capture 5x more emails and grow your list 5x faster.

Keep the apps you already use

Lead Maven connects to your website and your CRM/CDP to boost your existing conversion funnel.

The numbers don’t lie.


Legally Compliant

We follow all the laws and regulations to always comply


Events Daily

In our network, we see the traffic for 100k+ US-based sites


US Contacts in Network

We have a 73% USA shoppers match rate


 We are confident you’ll love Lead Maven after giving it a spin, sending the leads into your pipeline and starting more sales conversations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Maven IdentiMatrix provides direct contact info for website visitors, even if the visitor doesn’t submit a form or complete a purchase.

Lead Maven IdentiMatrix provides name, email addresses and some basic identifier information for the visitor. We also provide a list of pages they’ve visited on your website so you can follow up and re-engage with the most relevant content.

Lead Maven typically identifies around 35-50% of your anonymous visitors, although your mileage may vary. We strive only to identify real human traffic — no bots allowed.

No, our sources are US publishers primarily serving a US audience. We filter out incidental non-US traffic using IP geolocation to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Any business that wants to identify online visitors that do not fill out a form or make a purchase.

When a new visitor accesses your site, our proprietary technology retrieves their identities and email addresses.

Yes, we only provide information on website visitors in the US and we comply with US laws, including CAN-SPAM and CCPA. 

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